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Introducing Lottery (Survival & Skyblock)

Welcome to the launching of MCLA lottery system! There will be a daily pot of minimum $20,000 in the lottery. However, players may contribute to the pot by multiple ways, before we get to that. Let’s talk about the commands to use for the lottery. The lottery draw will happens once a day. Only ONE […]

Survival Mall Launching!

Finally, the mall is launched! Player can now rent your ideal shop location in the mall (do /warp then select Mall) Each players is only limited to rent only 1 shop / outlet in the mall. Rental prices are ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 / 7 days depending on the location and floors. Just right […]

Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal, World Boss & More

It has finally come to another Dungeon update! Before that, MCLA would love to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! Alright, lets get to today’s update : Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal Consist of new greater mobs and mini-boss! Dungeon 5 have been reworked in a way that it does not drop gears […]