Survival Mall Launching!

Finally, the mall is launched! Player can now rent your ideal shop location in the mall (do /warp then select Mall) Each players is only limited to rent only 1 shop / outlet in the mall.

Rental prices are ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 / 7 days depending on the location and floors. Just right click at the shop with Not Rented signs.

Each ranks are limited with the number of shops can be created :
Onyx : 10
Zircon : 20
Ruby : 30
Topaz and above : 40
VIP : 30
VIP+ : 40
MVP : 50
MVP+ and above : 60

Shop Commands

Here’s the list of shop commands you can use after you rented a shoplot and after you put a chest while looking at the chest. By shop below meaning that particular chest.

  • /qs create <price>
    To create your shop with the items & quantity held on your hand for the price.
  • /qs remove
  • To remove the shop.
  • /qs buy
    Change the shop to buying items.
  • /qs sell
    Change the shop to selling items.
  • /qs price <price>
    Change the buy/sell price of the item.
  • /qs find <item>
    Find the nearest shop that sells items which start with the provided text. E.g. /qs find dia will find the nearest shop that buys/sells diamonds.

That’s all about the shop! How are you planning to decorate your shop and what will you be selling? We can’t wait to see!

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