Shop Decoration Contest

Hello again fellow MCLA Sellers & Adventurers!

We are here today to announce a Shop Deco contest! The contest starts immediately and will ends on 28th February 2021 (literally 1 week plus time). This event is to encourage everyone to start opening their own shop at the Mall, decorate it and start earning money. This will eventually help to boost the entire economy within MCLA in long run.

To participate in this event, players required to :
1) Rent a shoplot at the Mall
2) Decorate the shoplot by 28th Feb 2021
3) Submit your shop deco for the contest!

To submit the shop deco :
1) Required Instagram Account
2) Follow our account
3) Post the shop deco pictures or videos and tag & hashtag #mclamall in the post description.

Judging criteria :
1) No. of Instagram likes in the post = 20% weightage
2) Staffs voting = 80% weightage

Rewards for Winners
1st Place = $500,000 + VIP (7 days)
2nd Place = $300,000 + VIP (7 days)
3rd Place = $100,000 + VIP (7 days)

*If the winner is existing VIP, we will exchange it with :

  • 1 x Spawner Key
  • 1 x Cosmetic Key
  • 1 x Legendary Key
  • 1 x Companion Key

That’ all for now and may the best decorator wins!

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