Finally got your enchanted Netherite gears? That is just the beginning!

Grind in the dungeon and battle through treasure-stuffed, wildly varied levels and custom mobs. Craft your unique weapons and armours to face and beat the dungeon bosses for vigorous epic & legendary gears!

Team up with others and take down the bosses today!

Custom Enchantments

With over 80 new enchantments to suit your favourite play style. Ever dreamt of being a Tank / DPS / Necromancer / Healer? This is where you can customise your character into different play style. 

Custom enchants also applies to tools! Wished that you have Telepathy skills to keep all your mining materials? Auto smelt your gold and iron ores while mining? Auto plant and grow your corps while harvesting? 

MCLA is the place you’re looking for!


300+ fun-filled, feature-rich and powerful cosmetics awaiting for you to unlock. Earn Cosmetic Coins from Parkour, Crates, Voting and Events to unlock your favourite cosmetics consist of unique Arrow Effects, Balloons, Banners, Death Effects, Emotes, Gadgets, Miniatures, Morphs, Mounts, Musics, Particle Effects and Pets.

If you’re lucky, you may unlock them in Cosmetic Treasure Chests!


The Bazaar allows you to buy and sell items infinite items at a fixed price. However, the buying and selling price will fluctuate depending on the stocks availbility.

The Bazaar was added to increase player trading. The Bazaar is similar to the Auction House, only different in the fact that there is no bidding.

The Money matters

Money matters is where you deal with your cash. Death penalty is 50% off your player balance so it is always wise to keep your money in the bank. Furthermore, it gives you interest everyday! 

You can also earn money from the Auction House and spend your earning on cool decoration blocks or keep them as your collection!


Run and jump your way through this infinite parkour challenge! A fast-paced and balanced parkour challenge for you to explore and have fun while rewarded with Cosmetic Coins and if you’re good enough to climb to the top, you will be awarded with a Cosmetic Crate Key

How many jumps can you make? Join MCLA today to find out!


If parkour is not your thing, don’t worry! We have other challenges for you such as mob hunting and crafting challenges. Well aside from all the challenges, MCLA also rewards you daily for basically doing nothing! 

All you need to do is just login and claim your Daily Reward


Ever thought of collecting all the mob heads or even every player’s head? Well MCLA give you the opportunity to do so by it’s Head Hunting challenges and quest! 

You can also sell your additional heads in return with fortune of cash. Climb up the leaderboard and ranks for being the top head hunting slayer!