Skyblock Launches New Mines!

Introducing MCLA Skyblock‘s new mines, the new Veryovkina Cavern! One of the world’s deepest cave (for real irl!)

Veryovkina Cavern comes in a total of 5 different layers of difficulties, ores, and mobs. The deeper you go, the harder it is. We recommend you to get at least a full Netherite set with Protection 4 plus some custom enchants before heading to the lowest level as it’s surprisingly deadly.

Coldron Mines

The least deadliest mines, comes with numerous of ore materials such as Coal, Gold and Iron. Therefore it’s called Coldron. Mobs are not as deadly but there’s surely annoying.

Zygentoma Mines

You can harvest loads of Lapis here for all your enchantment needs. Mobs here is barely visible but when they bite you, you might be finding yourself running for you life.

Suidae Mines

Things starts to get serious from here onwards, if you accidentally aggro one of the workers in Suidae Mines, you might find a whole village of them chasing after you. So, be extra careful on what you’re doing when you are looking for your redstones.

Oozy Quarry

Deep down the quarry you will find premium minerals like Emeralds. Mobs here move slowly but I’m sure they do bite a bit plus, there are pretty annoying especially when you kill them, they multiply.

Arthropoda Mineshaft

It’s called a mineshaft for a reason, you will not only find treasures like Diamonds and Ancient Debris, but also some pretty deadly ancient spiders who killed almost every adventurer who went down in the past. You are advised to be extra careful and prepared before going into the mineshaft.

Elevator Man

In each mines, you will find an elevator man who will bring you around the mines that you’ve discovered before. Locate each of the elevator man in every levels to gain a shortcut access towards the mines on your next visit.

Well, that’s all that we can tell you about the mines. You’ll need to find out and explore it yourself further. Make sure you don’t get yourself lost in the mines.

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