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Skyblock Launches New Mines!

Introducing MCLA Skyblock‘s new mines, the new Veryovkina Cavern! One of the world’s deepest cave (for real irl!) Veryovkina Cavern comes in a total of 5 different layers of difficulties, ores, and mobs. The deeper you go, the harder it is. We recommend you to get at least a full Netherite set with Protection 4 […]

MCLA OP Prison Official Launch!

Good day, MCLA‘s OP Prison is now officially launched! This addictive game mode brings you many features such as : – Warzone– Ranks (A-Z)– Mines (A-Z)– 50 Prestiges– Free World for SMP Players– Donor Mines– Cells– Parkour– Pickaxe Upgrades– and more! The Beta NPC will be removed because we are now off beta! =) Here’s […]

Survival Mall Launching!

Finally, the mall is launched! Player can now rent your ideal shop location in the mall (do /warp then select Mall) Each players is only limited to rent only 1 shop / outlet in the mall. Rental prices are ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 / 7 days depending on the location and floors. Just right […]