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Skyblock Launches New Mines!

Introducing MCLA Skyblock‘s new mines, the new Veryovkina Cavern! One of the world’s deepest cave (for real irl!) Veryovkina Cavern comes in a total of 5 different layers of difficulties, ores, and mobs. The deeper you go, the harder it is. We recommend you to get at least a full Netherite set with Protection 4 […]

Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal, World Boss & More

It has finally come to another Dungeon update! Before that, MCLA would love to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! Alright, lets get to today’s update : Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal Consist of new greater mobs and mini-boss! Dungeon 5 have been reworked in a way that it does not drop gears […]

Firn The Snowland, Boss Arena, Advanced Crafting

Good day! It’s a brand new month again and we are here today to announce our brand new launches! The Brand New Lobby We’ve launched a brand new lobby which looks much more sexier and mainly less confusion due to the compact size compared to the old one which is too huge! Agree? Dungeon 4 […]

New Trade System, Tags, Vote Party and more…

We’ve added a few features and made some changes in Survival today and here are the new changes: Trading System By doing /trade <player> you may now send a trade request to the player. The trade system allows both money and items trade. Once you’ve confirmed the items, you may click on the Red Terracota […]