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Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal, World Boss & More

It has finally come to another Dungeon update! Before that, MCLA would love to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! Alright, lets get to today’s update : Dungeon 5 : The Unknown Portal Consist of new greater mobs and mini-boss! Dungeon 5 have been reworked in a way that it does not drop gears […]

Multitool, New Tags, Pre-CNY Event & More!

Good day fellow Minecrafters, MCLA is here again with it’s new update! Are youuuuuu r-r-r-r-readyyyyyy~? Well, here it goes : Superb OP Multitool We belive majority of you have already obtain at least one of this Gained tool and we are bring you an even better Multi Purpose Tool! Which all of the 3 OP […]