Multitool, New Tags, Pre-CNY Event & More!

Good day fellow Minecrafters, MCLA is here again with it’s new update! Are youuuuuu r-r-r-r-readyyyyyy~? Well, here it goes :

Superb OP Multitool

We believe majority of you have already obtain at least one of the Gained tool.

We belive majority of you have already obtain at least one of this Gained tool and we are bring you an even better Multi Purpose Tool! Which all of the 3 OP tools combined into one. Yes, it is already ready to be crafted provided you have already obtain the materials. Here’s a short video showing how it works.

Check out how you can switch among the tools. Freaking awesome isn’t it?

New Farming Tags

Submit items to Farming Suppressor and claim tags from Farming Tags NPC

We have added 2 new Farming NPC where one of them will suppress your ingredients and give you something you can used to exchange the various of different Farming Tags (Check out /tags). Good luck in getting those fancy new tags to flex within your friends.

Pre Chinese New Year 2021 mini event.

There are a few wanderers (about 10) from China has recently visited MCLA. They are here to reunion with their family members for Chinese New Year and they will be departing back to China on the 15th day of the new year (Lunar Calendar) which is our 26th February 2021

They are now wandering around MCLA’s Warzone a.k.a PVP Zone near Spawn. However, one of them actually brought some gifts for whoever that reach out to him/her for blessings. The person will obtain a LIMITED EDITION CNY2021 tag!

Grab this before 26th February 2021

Make sure you start finding them and we wish you all the best in obtaining your limited edition tag! However, be very careful as the area is a PVP / Warzone. Make sure you sneak around and hide yourself if you smell danger.

New OP Totem

OP Totem Crafting Recipe

Due to the fact that MCLA stats system are quite different from vanilla, We’ve decided to add a new totem that completely restore all your HP on death since vanilla totem are pretty useless by now… It comes with a recipe you can craft now in-game.

P.S. Don’t get your hope up because it doesn’t work in Dungeon

Well, that’s all for our updates today. Have fun and don’t forget to invite your friends to MCLA!

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