DragonBall x mcla


The DragonBall x MCLA seasonal event will be running from 14th March 2021 to 30th April 2021.

This will be a long seasonal event because of the challenges each players needed to complete will definitely takes a lot of time. 

Every items and rewards obtain in this event will be very valuable even in the future because they are all LIMITED EDITION!



This special seasonal event also comes with a special DragonBall City a.k.a Central City, the main capital city of Earth. It also comes with a special limited time DragonBall Crate that consist numerous of special items ranging from a bulk load of wealth to a DragonBall Mountable NPC!

Be sure to check it out! Keys to the crates are obtainable from the Black Market donations!

DragonBall Crate Keys


During this event, each player are set out to locate and collect all 7 DragonBalls that has been scattered and hidden around MCLA servers. 

They have to go through difficult (Yes, I mean DIFFICULT) challenges and obstacles in order to obtain all DragonBall. 

Clues and tips will be provided from time to time to assist the players. Once the player have collected all Dragon Balls (1 to 7✯) , they will be granted an ultimate wish as well as crowned with a special tag.

So, the question is…


Are you fit enough to find all the 7 Dragon Balls?