New Trade System, Tags, Vote Party and more…

We’ve added a few features and made some changes in Survival today and here are the new changes:

Trading System

Player to Player Trading Screen

By doing /trade <player> you may now send a trade request to the player. The trade system allows both money and items trade. Once you’ve confirmed the items, you may click on the Red Terracota to set your status ready (Green Terracota) and when both party accepted the trade, it will commence the trade. If any changes on the money or items after confirmation. It will revert both back to Not Confirmed status.


We’ve added 3 tags today for donators which are :
[$$$$] – for VIP and above
[P2W] – for MVP and above
[TheGreat] – for Imperial and above

We will be also adding more tags from time to time such as upcoming [YouTuber] tags for those have their YouTube channel verified by us and are regularly live streaming MCLA or posting several videos on MCLA.

Feel free to suggest us any other tags we can launch in our #survival-suggestion channel.


We have buffed the Golden Apple companion from giving $500 randomly every 15 minutes to $2,500. This will surely help you in cutting short your grinding for certain materials.


We have launched our first VoteParty, currently the vote party is set to start once the voting accumulates to 50 and everyone who’s online will be given 1 x Companion Key during this Beta.

After Beta, we might eventually increase the vote party count and also be adding in additional perks for donators upon vote party started on top of the normal 1 x Companion Key.

Custom Enchantments

We have removed Blast enchant from pickaxe due to it was overpowered especially when you have Efficiency 6 and above or Haste 3. Due to it’s 3x3x3 mining area, it causes too much overflown entities on the ground and causing server TPS to plunge down swiftly.

Dungeon Kit Tools

You can now upgrade your tools into a more powerful one by exchanging the materials and craft it. You can locate the Dungeon Shop NPC from /warp and then click on the Dungeon icon

Do NOTE that the crafting materials might change and to be fine-tuned.

That’s all for the update for today and we hope to bring your more awesome news upcoming!

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