Firn The Snowland, Boss Arena, Advanced Crafting

Good day! It’s a brand new month again and we are here today to announce our brand new launches!

The Brand New Lobby

MCLA’s Brand New Lobby

We’ve launched a brand new lobby which looks much more sexier and mainly less confusion due to the compact size compared to the old one which is too huge! Agree?

Dungeon 4 : Firn The Snowland

Dungeon 4 : Firn The Snowland

Here comes a new and greater challenge! Only if you’re able to solo our DwarfKing (Dungeon 3 boss) then only you should step into Dungeon 4. Otherwise it will be too hard for you. Also, grab a jacket before you go because it’s icy cold out there.

Boss Arena

The Arena of Bossees

Tired of waiting for the dungeon bosses to spawn? We’ve make it easier for you with the new Boss Arena! You can spawn different bosses with some cash and an ancient item called Aegis. Aegis is crafted from multiple Fortitude Shards which are dropped by all other bosses and mobs from Dungeon lvl 3 and above. The Boss Arena is just a start for more upcoming deadly challenge which no one could solo.

Advanced Crafting

The Knowledge Book Recipe

We’ve also added Advanced Crafting Table where it will be used to craft various of custom items that we’ll be adding from time to time (potentially an awesome gears and weapons too!). Here’s you first initial item required to kickstart the rest of the recipes.

That’s all for now folks! We look forward to see you again on the next update!

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