New Skills and Abilities

Here’s a massive update that adds 15 new abilities, 3 new mana abilities to make your gaming experience more engaging!

The update will take place on the next server restart and here’s a some info on the new skills and abilities.

  • Enchanting abilities:
    • XP Convert – Earn 1 Minecraft experience for every certain amount of skill XP you gain.
    • Enchanter – Earn more Enchanting XP.
    • XP Warrior – Mobs you kill have a chance of dropping double experience.
    • Enchanted Strength – Gain Strength for every unique enchantment on the item held.
    • Lucky Table – Items you enchant using the enchantment table have a chance of upgrading the enchantment level by 1 if not max level.

  • Healing abilities:
    • Life Essence – Instant Health potions heal more.
    • Healer – Earn more Healing XP.
    • Life Steal – Heal a percentage of the max HP of hostile mobs and players you kill.
    • Golden Heart – Damage done to your absorption hearts is reduced.
    • Revival – Gain Health and Regeneration stat boosts for 30 seconds after respawning.

  • Forging abilities:
    • Disenchanter – Gain more experience when disenchanting items using a grindstone. (1.14+ only)
    • Forger – Earn more Forging XP.
    • Repairing – Repairing items in an anvil using the raw material the item was made from repairs more durability.
    • Anvil Master – Increases the maximum repair cost of an anvil before it is too expensive. (1.13+ only)
    • Skill Mender – Gaining skill XP has a chance to repair a held item or worn armor piece with the Mending enchantment by 1 durability per 2 skill XP.

  • Terraform mana ability for Excavation
    • Break blocks instantly in a 4 block radius in the same layer when digging
    • You must use a shovel and extra blocks broken must be the same type and in a single connected vein
    • Right click shovel and dig block to activate
    • Blocks broken will call BlockBreakEvent so there shouldn’t be plugin compatibility issues

  • Charged Shot mana ability for Archery
    • Arrows you shoot will deal more damage based on how far the bow was pulled back, consuming mana in the process.
    • Left click a bow to toggle charged shot mode
    • Damage percent increase is based on the amount of mana consumed, mana is consumed up to the max mana cost

  • Absorption mana ability for Defense
    • Incoming damage will decrease mana by 2x Minecraft damage instead of health for a duration.
    • Mana will not regenerate while Absorption is active.
    • Left click a shield and take damage to activate
    • New sounds and particle effects used

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