Introducing Lottery (Survival & Skyblock)

Welcome to the launching of MCLA lottery system! There will be a daily pot of minimum $20,000 in the lottery. However, players may contribute to the pot by multiple ways, before we get to that. Let’s talk about the commands to use for the lottery.

The lottery draw will happens once a day. Only ONE selected lucky winner will walk away with that daily pot of gold worth minimum of $20,000!

Commands to use :
/lottery – to open the main menu of the lottery
/lottery time – tells you the time left until the next draw
/lottery buy – buy your lottery tickets

Each ticket cost only $100. Each player can purchase only 1 ticket per draw (1 day), however donor ranks will have additional tickets that you may purchase as follows :

VIP = 3 tickets
VIP+ = 4 tickets
MVP = 5 tickets
MVP+ = 6 tickets
Imperial = 7 tickets
Immortal = 8 tickets

How to obtain additional FREE tickets?
Each vote will gives a player 1 ticket. You may a minimum of 14 tickets a day if you voted for all sites.

How to contribute to the daily $20,000 money pot?
1) Every votes will add $100 into the pot
2) Every $1 donation will add $10,000 into the pot (within 24 hours of the donation)
3) Admin may randomly add $$$ or throw in some items (In-Game Items / VIP) into the pot so make sure to watch out for any announcements and participate daily.

Behold and best of luck to you,
Your beloved MCLA Team! xoxo

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