MCLA Ocean Expansion!

Not sure about other Minecraft servers but here in MCLA, we have a lot of players who love fishing. Are you one of them? If you are then this update might be extremely excited to you!

We are introducing over 130 new fishes to catch and not only that, we also bring you a whole new bunch of challenges and upgrades in this Ocean Expansion and here’s a little sneak peek on what the new update contains:

Mini Quest, catch custom fish from different regions or areas using the fish you created and hand them in for rewards!

4 different types of random tournaments available for you to win prizes that you want! Money, Keys, Items, VIP and whatever you can think of!

Fish Sell Shop
By doing /fish shop, You can sell the new fishes gives you more rewards!

New custom enchantments made only for Fishing Rods! Make them using a Cauldron and watch your fishing power grow. Summon tornadoes, tsunamis, or get more fish or more entropy from gutting fish!

These critters will stop you from AFK-Fishing because when you kill them, they will also drop useful items to craft augments with!

Levelling and Entropy
‘Fishing Level’ and ‘Entropy’ which is a custom currency used to upgrade Deliveries and craft Augments!

Feeling lucky? Gamble your fish for a chance to earn or lose money – change the chances to profit and how much to profit!

Gut your fish for bonus Entropy to craft and upgrade Augments!

Create a Totem and have unique effects, passives and special things happen!

Be the first player in the server to catch a new fish species and your name will be the hall of fame under the Fish Codex (/fish codex) forever!

So now is your turn to decide, what are you going to do with these new fishes? Building a mega aquarium to collect them? Sell them for money? Or consume them? Some secret Mythical fish gives you rare items (MoneyPrinters), /fly mode or even VIP when you consume them!

Now best of luck fishing buddies! We hope to see your mega collection soon!

With love,

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