Multitool, New Tags, Pre-CNY Event & More!

Good day fellow Minecrafters, MCLA is here again with it’s new update! Are youuuuuu r-r-r-r-readyyyyyy~? Well, here it goes : Superb OP Multitool We belive majority of you have already obtain at least one of this Gained tool and we are bring you an even better Multi Purpose Tool! Which all of the 3 OP […]

Firn The Snowland, Boss Arena, Advanced Crafting

Good day! It’s a brand new month again and we are here today to announce our brand new launches! The Brand New Lobby We’ve launched a brand new lobby which looks much more sexier and mainly less confusion due to the compact size compared to the old one which is too huge! Agree? Dungeon 4 […]

New Trade System, Tags, Vote Party and more…

We’ve added a few features and made some changes in Survival today and here are the new changes: Trading System By doing /trade <player> you may now send a trade request to the player. The trade system allows both money and items trade. Once you’ve confirmed the items, you may click on the Red Terracota […]

New Skills and Abilities

Here’s a massive update that adds 15 new abilities, 3 new mana abilities to make your gaming experience more engaging! The update will take place on the next server restart and here’s a some info on the new skills and abilities. Enchanting abilities: XP Convert – Earn 1 Minecraft experience for every certain amount of […]