MCLA Skyblock Beta Launch!

Good day folks! It was just yesterday we posted a new updates and today we are here again to announce our *Beta Launching of MCLA Skyblock!

* Beta : Expect improvement, nerfs, bugs and glitches. But feel free to suggest and report to us to for further improvements.

What are the differences in MCLA Skyblock?

Unlike normal Skyblock where most of your time is to afk grinding to maintain at the top, MCLA Skyblock brings you with lots of action packed and fun-filled features such as :

Dungeon / Mines

Dungeon / Mines

Are you willing to take a shortcut but risking your life, items and money? Or are you even strong enough to handle the mobs in the mines?

Envoy Events


Every hour, there will be a envoys dropping into the Warzone. Are you willing to risk everything to loot the envoy? It’s called a Warzone because you might see there are some players who are there not for the envoys but for your items. Warzone is a PVP enabled area.

Aside from this 2, there are still multiple other features like :
Island Quest
Black Market
Custom Enchants
– and many many more!

Okie, enough said. It is time you come and try MCLA Skyblock yourself!

Server IP :

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