If you love grinding, challenging dungeons, or just plain old survival MCLA is right for you. From special enchantments to mess around with to multi-region dungeon grinding and explore, MCLA combined the essence of RPG into your typical MInecraft survival gameplay.

MCLA also give credits to people who appreciate building by assigning build ranks with perks, it is truly a Minecraft server to die for.


MCLA is a server that mainly focus on enjoyment and action. Players can immerse themselves in the fun survival server which features RPG-like gameplay and custom items.

Wide variety of cosmetics are available for creative usage, or simply to joke around. The dungeon that gives you a challenge to grind for better items. There are build ranks which rarely seen in most servers, players can showcase their builds to get recognition and unique perks. 


Friendly community where you can do whatever you want except breaking the rules.

The staffs and admins listens to our suggestions and gives feedback while the players are active and helping each other out.

9/10 would get killed again by the dungeon boss.


MCLA is a unique Survival-MMO server that welcomes all kind of player globally. You’ll be able to find your own way to enjoy the game regardless of how you like to play minecraft… especially if you’r into grinding


MCLA is a friendly community that create a new experience for players.